Becoming A Member



The USAF ROTORHEADS have established several types of membership and the criteria for each are as follows:

Full Membership: An individual that has served or is serving in the U. S. Air Force, Air National Guard, or Air Force Reserves that was/are ground personnel assigned to the helicopter maintenance career field Air Force Specialty Code (AFSC) and/or assigned as a helicopter flight crew member, regardless of crew member position. 

Exchange Service Membership: An individual from other U. S. military services or foreign Nationals that are or have been operationally assigned/attached to a U. S. Air Force helicopter organization (Not to include training status only.)  These individuals will otherwise meet the “Full Membership” criteria.

Associate Membership: An individual not meeting the criteria for “Full Membership”. Individuals who are agreeable to providing items and/or pictures that contribute to the USAF ROTORHEADS goal of documenting and preserving U. S. Air Force helicopter history may be considered for “Associate Membership”. All prospective Associate Members will be known and recommended by a current member to insure the prospect is willing to assist with achieving our primary goal.  Additionally “Associate Membership” may be considered for those that meet “Full Membership” criteria but prefer not to be a member and are willing to contribute to the USAF ROTORHEADS goal.

Honorary Membership: An individual that does not meet the “Full Membership” criteria however he/she provides information/support to the group such as “Aviation Historians”.

Special Honorary Membership: The spouse of those with “Full Membership” is automatically included in this category.

Auxiliary Membership: The spouse of a deceased member.





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