Our Helicopters

The helicopter pictures portrayed here are a selection of the models most often utilized by the Air Force.  There were many others that were given slightly different identification; depending on the type mission they were assigned.


Over the years United States Air Force Helicopters were utilized in a variety of activities such as:

  • Aircrew Training
  • Air Rescue & Recovery
  • Civic Action
  • Dew Line Support
  • Jungle/Sea Survival School
  • Local Base Support
  • MAST
  • NASA Launch and Down Range Support
  • Photo Mapping
  • Satellite Recovery
  • TACAN Site Support
  • Astronaut Training
  • Weather Recon Support
  • Fire Fighting Support
  • Air Force Academ Support
  • Atomic Energy Agency Support
  • Disaster Recovery Support
  • Drone Recovery
  • Local Base Rescue
  • Missile Site Support
  • Nuclear Test Support
  • Movie Making Support
  • Presidential Support
  • Special Operations
  • Texas Tower Support
  • Humanitarian Support
  • And hundreds of other jobs!