Det 1, 38th ARRS (Prov), NKP

HH-43B/62-4510/20 Sep 65

Thomas J. Curtis (P)

Duane W. Martin (CP)

William A. Robinson (FE)

Arthur N. Black (PJ)

Det 5 38th ARRS, Udorn

CH-3C/63-09685/6 Nov 65

(1st Jolly Green lost in SEA)

Warren E. Lilly (P)

Jerry Singleton (CP)

Berkley E. Naugle (FE)

Arthur Cormier (PJ)

Duane Martin was incarcerated in a camp controlled by the Pathet Lao and held captive in Laos.  His escape resulted in him being captured by villagers and murdered and now is listed as MIA.  The other POWs were held by the North Vietnamese and released in 1973.  Berkley E. Naugle was burned but was able to EE and later rescued.  See the link below for his amazing story.

The link below for Duane Martin tells of his capture and later demise.

William A. Robinson, Arthur N. Black and Arthur Cormier were given a battlefield promotion to 2nd Lt. by the senior camp officer while imprisoned.  Their promotions were upheld by the Secretary of the Air Force after they were released.  Click the links below to view information concerning them.  The link on Arthur Black tells the story well.


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“Commissioned In Hanoi”

Air Force Magazine (April 2010)